DECEMBER 2017 - Three new bells (and a new bell tower) ring in the skies of Bajze, Albania.

A relationship of collaboration with Father Mikel and Architect Bardelli has made this new work possible that has given back to another community the possibility of appreciating the pleasant tolls, and the taste of feeling at home, which only the bells can transmit.

Some photos of the work performed:

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Removed the bells from the church.

Work begins on the bell tower of Palosco.

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While these pages are going to press, the new bell has arrived, it will be blessed by our Archbishop Marco during the celebration of the Immaculate and in the following days placed in his place as prince of the bell tower. It's been a while that we lacked his mighty voice.

"Vivos voco, mortuos plango, fulgura, frango", so an old proverb about the bells rings: "I call the living, I cry the dead, I break the lightning".

The bell has a voice that wants to take the man with him from within all its walls and bring it to the breadth of God's height, to a life in fullness.

The image of the Annunciation is imprinted on the bell, precisely because its voice reminds us of the Angelus prayer in the morning, noon and evening. On the next issue we will give more space and information.


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Palosco, BG - 06 February 2018

Today, at the parish church of San Lorenzo Martire, the dismantling of the impressive 8 bells on the bell tower began.

The same will then be transported to our laboratory to be subjected to all the extraordinary maintenance operations that will bring them back to life.

We show some photos of what was done in this first phase.


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pdf icon06.11.2017 - This morning via Leoni closed to traffic to allow the dismantling of the heavy bells of the Church of Santa Maria Nascente.