pdf icon06.11.2017 - This morning via Leoni closed to traffic to allow the dismantling of the heavy bells of the Church of Santa Maria Nascente.



A large crane was positioned along the Via Leoni plant: the workers have dismantled and brought to ground the first bell on the bell tower. A very delicate operation that will continue throughout the day. By this evening we count on bringing to ground and carrying all four bells present.


This operation, also announced during yesterday's Mass by Don Luca Raimondi, cost about € 10 thousand, and was needed to replace the bell isolator. The insulator is a piece of wood placed between the bell handles and the strain to which they hang. It absorbs the vibrations that arrive at the top of the bell, avoiding that they are transmitted to the upper strain, thus securing a very important isolation.


Replacement operations will be carried out on the weekend, namely Friday 10 November 2017, and the Leoni route will be again closed to traffic.



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