Statement by the Special Maintenance

Immaculate Conception Church (or St. Charles), Solferino (MN), December 2013


On the bell tower there are n. 3 bells, by the following features:

I ° Campana 70 cm diameter, weight 205 kg, the year 1758

II Campana 61 cm diameter, weight 120 kg, the year 1758

Campana III 63 cm diameter, weight 140 kg, the year 1958 - Foundry Cavadini


The restoration work began with the lowering of the bells on the spot, through the use of manual hoists, steel ropes and safety groups.

Given the conditions in which is presented the three clappers, it proceeded with disassembly and replacement of the same. fully carried out artisanal operations at our company, following the ancient method by which the clapper was beaten to forge, according to the manual manufacture, then rinvenirli furnace.


The clapper soft iron is finally completed with terminals on steel spikes, studs, safety cord and cord double safety in steel wire.

It is then proceeded with the complete replacement of the three also insulators and related support hardware stores.

New insulators are made of high quality oak, seasoned naturally, while the hardware is composed of threaded rods from solid hot shaping.

sancarlo1      scarlo4

The castellatura of the bells support involved a very oxidized, due to poor maintenance carried over the years and by the signs tel time and the deposited pigeon guano. Is the upper layers of restoring luster to the "live" material is then removed.

The brushes and manual grinding wheels have been used to remove the oxidation layers. The executed painting was laid with a fund of bi-component offering high micaceous iron oxide passivation in shades custom slate. To end it all has been given a natural wax finish. It is understood that the bolts worn / oxidized / route has been replaced with new.