Statement by the Special Maintenance

Church of St. Pius X, PONTIDA (BG), October / December 2014


On the bell tower there are n. 5 bells, cast in 1972, the following characteristics:

I ° Bell diameter cm 85, 340 kg weight

II Campana 75 cm diameter, weight 240 kg

Campana III 67 cm diameter, weight 170 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 63, 140 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 56, 100 kg weight



The work performed at the Church of St. Pius X in Pontida took place in two distinct phases.

In the first phase, subject of agreement with the Pastor, we proceeded with the mechanical revision going to replace all five wooden insulators and, to ensure durability for other years, they are overhauled all as many clappers, finally making a general maintenance complete with all the components.

In the second stage of processing, however, it took care of the electrical components handling of the bells. Specifically, we installed the programmer and the latest generation of our production, RCTouchBell. In addition to the system they have been replaced completely even all engines which did not meet appropriate standards for materials and construction.

The electrical connection lines, which are also not to have been specified by law, replaced with new able to meet the required regulatory requirements to date.

Work performed in accordance with safety regulations and the materials used.