owlGUFOROBOT, The bollard to prevent birds, especially pigeons, most advanced and environmentally friendly in the world.

Chase away pigeons from the bell towers, the churches and squares with a new method that combines technology and nature.Read More

The systems for the removal of pigeons on the market are based on the installation of electrified lines, bollards and ultrasonic sound and light bollards, all methods that require huge costs, ongoing maintenance and often disappointing results.

The Rubagotti Carlo Srl to ward off pigeons created the GUFOROBOT, a bird spike that combines the natural fear of pigeons for raptors and discomfort caused by ultrasound and subsuoni hearing the pigeons themselves.

The study and the tests carried out over the years have created all'antivolatile most innovative, natural and safe industry at low cost: the GUFOROBOT.

Il GUFOROBOT is made with a perfect reproduction (scale 1: 1) resin painted the eagle owl, it is equipped with loudspeakers to high and low frequencies and bearing support for securing and handling of the whole structure.

Il GUFOROBOT It is equipped with a sophisticated computer system for driving Randomized sequences that combine sonic and subsonic verses warning of prey and sonic spectra specifically designed to deter pigeons and drive accordingly birds.

Traditional systems to complete the services bird scarers: manufacture, install and provide traditional solutions such as:

- Steel tips / pvc

- Networks and custom frames for windows of bell towers, etc.


GUFOROBOT, is tested to give its maximum effect in the open, where it can be clearly seen by pigeons, its spectrum of activity as seen from the graphs is optimized on an area that is within the 35 meters away and a ' width 40 °; then an area protected 400 sqm. Applying multiple GUFOROBOT, contemporary with crossed beams increases their efficiency.