Bells, an art never forgotten, will play for centuries to the sky!

Day after day are repeated secular movements that reflect a taste of an ancient art, an ancient passion, which give birth to our bells.

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Each bell is a unique piece created layer upon layer, movement of movement, each phase is followed with painstaking care, to obtain bells that are a combination of a work of art and a musical instrument.

The unique sound, the care and beauty of the decorations, the quality of the Bronze are the guarantee of Centuries of sounds vibrated to Heaven.

Sound and beauty, Sculptural works by the brilliant voice.

The finish is a long and complex, a perfect profile is getting a musical note perfect, but that's not enough, the decoration has a high artistic value.

The musical note of the bell is composed of multiple harmonics in which the key gives the dominant tune as a tradition with the LA to 435 Hz.

For decoration you can choose from hundreds of images sacred and not, hundreds of ornaments and decorations, and when not enough we can create images that are requested from a photograph or a drawing.