new framework

On April 28 2017 a coach of faithful belonging to the Parish of S. Sisinio in Dro (TN), Parish currently undergoing restorative processes and conservative character, participated in the merger of the new bell, the V of the concert, which will indeed to supplement this.


The current present bells, in fact, are a total of four having the following characteristics:

Bells merged in the year 1921 the foundry D'Adda:

I ° Campana diameter 113 cm, weight 800 kg, note MI

II ° Campana diameter 100 cm, weight 575 kg, note Gb

III ° Campana diameter 90 cm, weight 410 kg, note Lab

IV ° Campana diameter 85 cm, weight 340 kg, note


The new bell from the size of 60,5 cm in diameter and 130 kg weight has been fused according to a traditional technique, in silhouette original manieristica of the seventeenth century and revisited later for the musical refinement.


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