Down the bells (at least) until Easter - A. Caccamo

pdf icon27 / 01 / 2017 - The bell needs to be reinforced


All head up to see fall to the ground five of the six bells of the church of Santi Cosma and Damian. Not silent until Easter, when the bronzes, weighing more than 5 tons, will be put back in their place and their chimes announce the completion of work on the bell tower that needs to be reinforced because the vibrations caused by the clapper that is playing with time they damaged and unstable yield. Time ago they broke away the rubble and feared collapses.



Early in the morning the workers of Rubagotti Bells srl, historical company of Cologne, in the province of Brescia, the Rubagotti family, also known as the bell-ringers << >> Chiari, brought the crane where they dismantled one by one the bells then upload them to a big and robust vehicle. From Concorezzo they left for Brescia in the laboratories of the company, in via Caduti sul Lavoro, for a revamp. Until April the bells of specialists are dedicated to the tower that houses them.

<< It was a necessary intervention to safeguard the bells and isolation of the same on the side wall support castellatura of the bell tower - explains Giacomo Rubagotti - The new castellatura will be performed blind to the needs of the stress loads, space and functionality >>. It will be created inside a cage vibration-proof steel. It started with the lowering of the bells with the relative accessories: strains, wheels, engines, flying canvases and chains. The bells to dismantle and lower, as mentioned, were 5 << since the sixth bell, set in the upper central part of the castle, rests directly on a bunk area directly fixed in the dome of the tower and then presents no risk >>.

The lowering was performed with a special crane and manual gear which includes hoists, wire ropes. At the end of the lowered bells they were loaded on a special truck with crane arm. A delicate operation, which lasted a full day, which held the ground with the nose by many pensioners and housewives that morning stroll on the church square and on the way De Capitani. At operation also they attended many of the faithful and the curious. Even the parish priest, don Angelo Puricelli, went to see how the work progressed. A journey back will be made to reassemble on the new castle. They were the priest and the parish economic council have commissioned a project intervention and entrusted the work to Rubagotti. The project includes the restoration of the bells, and their intonation, restructuring the top of the tower. The cost is € 40mila. The bell tower will be made stronger and more stable, but without changing its appearance. It is not the first time that working on the 33 meters high tower. It had happened had to do routine maintenance. In 2012 he had to intervene because it was feared for the detachment of a bolt. The bells arrived in the country in 1931 accepted popular enthusiasm.


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