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The insulator performs an essential task in the mechanics of the bell: it is interposed between the housing and strain, vibration absorption and let rest the handle of the bell of a living material, and as such requires maintenance and attention.

It is important to periodically check the tightness of hardware support and test the conditions of the 'isolator itself.

The failure of an insulator could compromise the static bell making swinging dangerously on the anchorage points to lead to the breakdown of the grab handles of the bell.


Why choose our INSULATORS?

Because we use only top quality Italian oak, naturally weathered.

Once we roughed down and planed insert the steel rods that provide the strength and unity of the wood avoiding any longitudinal opening, at which point the work manually rigorously adapted to every shape of the bell and the strain.

The finishing treatment is individually tailored to the needs and nature of the steeple of which will go the same insulator. The handcrafts like this contain hundreds of little tricks and secrets passed down from generation, whose completeness guarantees uniqueness, respect and life.