lavena2LUINOTIZIE - 07 August 2017



The work also moves in the direction of unifying and coordinating the parishes of the Pastoral Community of the Four Evangelists


A good news arrived on Thursday for the citizens of Lavena Ponte Tresa: the bell tower of the Strait of Lavena resumed its activity. The clock's hands, still for some time now, have gone back and down the hills in the little village.

The work, in addition to making the clock functional again, saw the implementation of an extraordinary scheduled maintenance, since the electrical system was running out of thin air. Work will also enable the parishes of the Pastoral Community of the Four Evangelists to be coordinated, of which Lvena and Ponte Tresa are part.

Thus, the historic bell tower overlooking the wonderful Strait of Lavena, starting at 14, has resumed its regular activity. The hands had stopped the 18 last May, as reported by the magazine "The Bells", following the collapse of an installed network to prevent the entry of the pigeons, then rolling over the central gear. The lack of functioning of the clock, a historic symbol of the village, had raised some concern among the population, but the pastor Don Aurelio Pagani explained the reasons for that waiting.

"In fact," explains Aurelio Pagani, "this was an extraordinary scheduled maintenance, as there was a power plant that was a bit run-down and needed to be tuned in line with the other parishes that make up the Our Pastoral Community The choice has also been made to reduce costs and to have more unified management of bells and other very concrete aspects of our parish, all through the care of the maintenance and management of the church, Whole plant to a leading company in the "Rubagotti Campane" sector. In view of this unified management, therefore, the company will be in the hands of Ardena, Cremenaga, Ponte Tresa and today also Lavena ".

"The choice, however," continues the pastor, "also wants to symbolize the union existing between parishes belonging to the pastoral community of the Four Evangelists. Until now, every bell tower had some traditions, even though they belonged to a single community Today, with the introduction of this new mode of management, even with respect to these small things, over time, we hope to be able to converge by moving in unison. On the same posters, in fact, we do not publish more than just events concerning the parish of Ponte Tresa and Lavena, but all those who concern Christians belonging to the territory of the Four Evangelists Community and in this sense we are working together. "

Already in the following days, Lavena's bell tower has returned to its regular activity and Gianluca Salani, who has been responsible for the programming of various music and concerts for more than thirty years, was able to return to his historic activity, playing at party on renewal of the plant .


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