conco bells17 / 01 / 2017 Campanile damaged by the tolling gagged by a steel cage.

Up to nothing Easter concerts, the tower will be made more solid - A. Caccamo

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Nothing tolling of bells and concerts. At least until Easter. The steeple of the neoclassical church of Santi Cosma and Damiano sarĂ  gagged for a few months because it will be restored and made stronger. Proof knell. Because the vibrations caused by the sound of the bronzes have injured. To protect the tower will be built all around the 6 large and beautiful bells a steel cage that will serve to attenuate the tremors caused by the clapper whenever strikes during the swing.



<< The vibrations generated by the rintoccare created the problems of instability, therefore, is the bell cell >> is what said the pastor Don Angelo Puricelli is necessitated an intervention that makes it more solid and firm. The problem of vibrations on the tower of the parish church of Saints Cosmas and Damian is a known issue for some time: last spring, don Angelo had already given diposizioni to stop the bells << because we had noticed the fall of some rubble >>.


Then there had been temporary solutions; now it is working to provide the ultimate stability of the tower. The bell tower will be made stronger and more stable, but without changing its appearance. The operation will cost 40mila euro. The announcement was made during the Mass of the parish priest and was in accord with the Council of Economic Affairs of the Holy Parish. Cosmas and Damian. It is not the first time that action is taken on the bells, arrived in the country in 1931 and accepted popular enthusiasm. It had happened had to do routine maintenance. In the 2012 had to intervene on << >> bronze vessels because they feared for the posting of a bolt. Even at that time they were removed and polished before returning to their place. How happen this time too. The assignment, as 5 years ago, has been entrusted to Rubagotti Carlo Srl, historic bell company in Cologne, in the province of Brescia, also known as Chiari bell ringers.


The Company temporarily unmount the bells to create a steel cage: << We will have to bring to the floor the six bells that will move in our laboratory - explains Giacomo Rubagotti -. Then we'll work encapsulation of the tower in order to isolate and neutralize the effect of vibration >>. To remove it awaits the green light from the City to bring a ladder truck under the tall steeple around 33 meters: << The work will last a whole day. The bells are great, one can hold a person standing height >>.


The six bells, tuned in B flat, will return to play from bells and say your religious life at Easter, which this year falls on April 16. In recent years there have been protests by residents in the town center that they felt disturbed by the concerts of the bell tower, which has always symbolizes and reminds the faithful particularly important moments, judged beyond the tolerance limit. He had been asked to change the hours, the duration and the intensity of sound in order not to prevent the rest of the people. However, everything has remained in the wake of a civil confrontation between citizens and the church throughout Italy has laid down detailed rules on the use of bells like to play every weekday from 7.30 to 20 hours and on holidays from the 8 20.30 with the exception of the Easter and Christmas Night Vigil.


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