missionsThe experience of generations of workers, the careful choice of materials, quality workmanship, entirely made in Italy and exported around the world, giving rise to exclusive products, which are and continue to be the industry's excellence.

The presence of the entire family Rubagotti, combined with the reliability of the selected employees, create a joint working group, flexible and that works in person in the company and on construction sites and search to meet the quality and attention to the full customer satisfaction.


In recent years the demands of bells for missions and supplies for Third World countries have increased substantially.

Always trying to be able to meet the demands of our customers, we decided to provide a line of specially adapted bells for exports and missions in countries less prosperous and developing.

For this we have created a new section of bells made with first quality bronze (alloy 80 20%% tin copper) at a cheaper price than in fusion customizable bells.


We give here a list of achievements and deliveries made in recent years:


  • St. Paul's Cathedral, Tirana ALBANIA (Year 2006)

Supply and installation of our system of handling full bells labor our technicians on site


  • St. Stephen's Anglican Church - Umungwa Obowo, Imo State NIGERIA (June 2013)

Supplied complete bell cm 33, 22 kg


  • Local Church - Banten Indonesia (October 2013)

Supplied complete bell cm 80, 295 kg


  • The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Maximus Rodrigopulle Sacred Heart of Jesus's Church, Kosgama SRI LANKA (July 2014)

Supplied 56 cm bell, 100 kg complete with clapper


  • Kanyali Mughanda Albert, Theologat St. Octave, com. Vulamba - RD CONGO Butembo (August 2014)

Supplied 42 cm bell, weight 43 kg complete with clapper


  • Catholic Church Lubumbashi, Katanga CONGO (February 2015)

Supply and install new bells 3 complete with accessories and support castellatura


..... and many others under construction, including:


  • St. Peter and Paul Church, Bajze Albania, providing a new concert belfry (2405 kg) Complete automation and remote management from our offices to the new Church (under execution)


Our specialized staff work site inspections in every part of the world and we would be pleased to give you supply our products, synonym and marriage of the oldest arts and the latest technology, all to the advantage of quality, versatility and durability.