Completed the renovation


LAVENA PONTE TRESA - (n.ant) The bell tower overlooking the Strait of Lavena has resumed hours and bells. The good news arrived on Thursday, when the renovation work was completed after the clock and jumps had stopped in May 18.



The problem had been triggered by the collapse of an installed network to prevent the pigeons from getting loose and began rolling on the central gear, blocking their teeth and then running. Since it was already planned to install the electrical system, it was decided, with common sense, to move for both interventions. So it was, and from Thursday's 14, Lavena returned to "listen" to the music of her bell tower, which indeliblely draws the panorama of the same homonymous linking the main reservoir of Lake Ceresio with the Gulf of Ponte Tresa. The failure of the clock and bells to function had aroused some concern in the population, accustomed to centuries-old bell tower melodies. Instead, he had to wait only a few months in which the pastor, Fr Aurelio Pagani, planned the accommodation. And so also Gianluca Salani, who has been in charge of programming the computer with various music and concerts for thirty years and has followed the work with the priest, was able to return to his passion, playing for a holiday to "return to life" bells.

The Lavena steeple has a long history, beginning before the 1288, according to a parchment preserved in the capitol archive of Agno (Canton Ticino) after being preserved by the Lateranese fathers. Next to the bell tower there was the church of San Pietro, then also dedicated to St. Paul, closed in the twentieth century after order of the Civil Genius after some inspections. The doors of the church were blocked on 12 November 1953 and the church was subsequently demolished. Not the bell tower.


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