Selite 2

From project conceived and later in collaboration with Eng. Roberto Cucchiaro, head of the Association of Agimi Bolzano, we have realized in the period March 2017 two new bells, with string movement, installed at the Church of Selite, in the Diocese of Rreshen in Albania.

The main bell that makes this concert has a diameter of 600 mm and is dedicated to the patron saint of the parish: "Kisha and Shen Lleshderit Bozhia Selite" and the second by 470 mm reports "Kisha and t'Shelbuemit - Selite"

Selite fusion















The bells were installed in April 2017 and are just the beginning of some of the works to be performed in the state Albanian in this year, many new projects will be realized by us during this year and will be visible in the coming months on our website.