wrought iron clocks, steel, copper, plexiglass and plastics, glass, masonry, stone, bronze and many more!

And in the most extraordinary finishes: glossy, opaque, marbled, satin, antique, back lit, etc.

The creation of new watches has always crafted a work of great artistic interest, the great attention we devoted to the study of history and the maintenance of tradition, combined with large investments in technology, allow us to create unique watches in various materials.

Each watch is carefully researched, designed and made. The photo composition techniques allow us to simulate digitally the results with projects that allow you to simulate the new watches on the target structures in the various times and periods of the day.

The production techniques we use vary from completely manual creation as for wrought iron clocks to laser cutting with CAD-CAM system for sheet metal dials.

The finishes always done by hand may include artistic decorations, samples of existing colors and reproduction of ancient works.