Each clock tower or wall is custom made to size, color and shape.

The normal production of dials for clocks monumental involves the construction of a render, followed by a digital design and a construction crafts and accurate.Read More

The production of the dials is one of the points of excellence in our industry "watchmaker".

All watches have in common the quality, durability and artistic involvement for the perfect integration with the environments.

The materials and techniques used are numerous and difficult to be inserted in a catalog, the gallery attached, wants to show the production standards and highlight the different types of dials achievable, with particular attention to the shapes, numbers and decorations.

Materials of normal production:

- Sheet steel painted with numbers and friezes applied in relief. Custom painting, possibility of antiqued finishes and marbled.

- Perspex screen printed.

- Colours according to samples.

- Anodized aluminum.

- Retro illuminated crystal, glass or lexan with painted steel frame.

- Numbers applied in relief.

- Ceramic.

- Custom painting.

- Marble or granite engraved.

- Colours according to samples.