clearConservative Restoration of intervention

Parish Cathedral of SS. MM. Faustino and Jovita, Chiari (BS), January / May 2008


On the bell tower there are n. 11 bells, by the following features:

I ° Bell diameter cm 160, 2360 kg weight

II Campana 143 cm diameter, weight 1650 kg

Campana III 126 cm diameter, weight 1140 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 120, 970 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 107, 680 kg weight

VI Bell diameter cm 95, 485 kg weight

VII Bell diameter cm 85, 340 kg weight

VIII Bell diameter cm 80, 295 kg weight

IX Bell diameter cm 71, 205 kg weight

X ° Bell diameter cm 63, 140 kg weight

XI Bell diameter cm 60, 120 kg weight



The restoration work took shape with the lowering, using a special crane, the eleven bells installed in the bell tower and the entire support structure of the same (also called castellatura). Everything was dismantled and brought in our factory in Cologne (BS) for audit and restoration operations.

The mechanical operations are expected to speak of general mechanical repair and complete painting of iron components.

Some mechanical components of the bells operation have been replaced to ensure safety and functioning of the same still for many years.

For electrical components we proceeded with the replacement of the handling of the bells, now no longer under the Law, with our innovative product RCTouchBell. Electrical accessories such as engines and chains were completely replaced.

Processes carried out in total safety and compliance with current regulations.

Released report final inspection by the Engineer structural engineer for approval.