Statement by the Special Maintenance

Parish of St. Alexander Martyr, CORTENUOVA (BG), February 2015


On the bell tower there are n. 5 bells, cast by Crespi foundry in 1953, the following characteristics:

I ° Bell diameter cm 126, 1140 kg weight

II Campana 113 cm diameter, weight 800 kg

Campana III 101 cm diameter, weight 575 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 95, 485 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 55, 340 kg weight


The operations have provided for the replacement of the wooden insulators and an intervention of the belfry cleaning with the subsequent installation of bird scarers networks to address the problems arising from the droppings of pigeons that is deposited on bells and accessories.

isoaltore pre        isoaltore post Cortenuova

For the electrical section were installed new elettrobattenti, one for each bell, and you have installed the latest generation systems, we produce, RCTouchBell.


court under pre        framework post court


Work performed in accordance with safety regulations and the materials used.