Intervention of Supply, Laying work of a new concert belfry full of accessories.

Parish of St. Joseph the Worker, Fiorine of Clusone (BG), June / December 2015


Construction of a new concert in five bells obtained by cast bronze 80 / 20 (80 20% Copper% tin).


Concerto in Bb, AD 2015, by the following features:

I ° Bell diameter cm 80, 295 kg weight

II Campana 71 cm diameter, weight 205 kg

Campana III 63 cm diameter, weight 140 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 60, 120 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 53, 85 kg weight




mechanics: Each bell was, of course, equipped with all essential to the proper functioning of the same. They were in fact made of weights and measures of each bell, its steel strains, the clappers (or clappers), isolators, its supports, wheels and drive chains.

all steel / iron components have been subjected to appropriate treatment burnishing.

power: With regard to the electrical part of automation of bells we proceeded with the installation of the system for moving the RCTouchBell bells, handling plant for more advanced bells in the world, able to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance ensuring a protection by electrical phenomena and power surges. Product we produce.

five new engines were installed for bells and new electrical connection lines, fully in accordance with applicable regulations.

For each bell, finally, we have installed five new elettrobattenti.

certification of compliance with the new complete system wiring diagrams were released.