Recovery intervention, restoration and safeguarding

Parish of St. Mary of the Assumption, Bonate Sopra (BG), in January-August 2014 2015


On the bell tower there are n. 8 bells, cast by the foundry Ottolina Seregno in 1953, the following characteristics:

I ° Bell diameter cm 172, 2800 kg weight

II Campana 151 cm diameter, weight 1950 kg

Campana III 134 cm diameter, weight 1370 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 126, 1140 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 113, 800 kg weight

VI Bell diameter cm 101, 575 kg weight

VII Bell diameter cm 90, 410 kg weight

VIII Bell diameter cm 85, 340 kg weight

Off concert is a bell with 37 cm diameter, with string sound, dating back to 1856.


The restoration work began with the lowering, using a special crane, the eight bells installed in the bell tower and the entire support structure of the same (also called castellatura). Everything was dismantled and brought in our factory in Cologne (BS) for audit and restoration operations.



The project involved the study and design of a new castellatura fully cushioned support with anti-vibration buffers, capable of limiting the stresses and loads them between the support structure and the masonry of the bell tower. The implementation and testing of this structure were performed in collaboration with structural engineer Engineer qualified and enrolled.



Once arrived in our workshop the bells were subjected to a thorough review that included:

  • The complete renovation of the wooden insulators and their supporting hardware;
  • The complete replacement of the eight clappers (or clappers);
  • The complete overhaul of the strains;
  • The full review of the wheels and relative chains for the transmission of motion between the motor and the bell;
  • The eight pairs of supports have been completely replaced;
  • Equipped for manual stringed system.


As regards the electrical part of automation of bells we proceeded with the complete replacement of the system of handling of the bells, with the installation of RCTouchBell, handling plant for more advanced bells in the world, able to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance ensuring protection from electrical phenomena and power surges. Product we produce.

They have been replaced all eight engines and installed eight new elettrobattenti.

In addition, at the request of the Principal, various accessories have been installed to the system, such as: protection kits Lightning and additional overvoltage, GPS module, remote control for remote operation of the system.

To overcome the problem of pigeons and guano from them released in the belfry, it was installed the bollards of our Guforobot production.

Work performed in accordance with safety regulations and impiagati materials.

Released report final inspection by the Engineer structural engineer for approval.