extraordinary maintenance intervention

Parish of St. Michael the Archangel, Villa Poma (MN), October 2014 - March 2015


On the bell tower there are n. 5 bells, cast by the foundry De Poli and dating a year 1978, by the following features:

I ° Bell diameter cm 96, 485 kg weight

II Campana 85 cm diameter, weight 340 kg

Campana III 75 cm diameter, weight 240 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 71, 205 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 63, 140 kg weight



Mechanics: The restoration work was started with a presentation of general maintenance in order to safely keep the bells and accessories related to them. Operations performed with control and circulation of the supporting hardware stores, the bolts, chains including greasing media, control of the counterweights to the analysis of the bells supporting structure (castle).

The castle of the bells supporting, presenting very dirty and ruined, because of poor maintenance carried out on the same over the years, it has been subjected to a complete cleaning and painting. This operation was performed to ensure that the bearing structure of the bells may have a greater duration in the time.


The clappers initially installed were completely devoid of the safety cord, necessary to ensure stability and safety to the clapper and the relevant bell. For this reason, it is proceeded with the installation of a security cord to each clapper.


power: the handling system installed did not appear pursuant to the materials and construction. For this reason it was decided to replace the same with innovative products RCTouchBell, handling plant for more advanced bells in the world, able to reduce consumption and improve performance by ensuring protection from electrical phenomena and power surges. Product we produce.


For the connection of electrical components, we installed a new electric line mast.

The five old installed engines have been completely replaced with new ones, while the telebattenti were disassembled and overhauled, with the addition to the same of some components that would prevent the hammers trasmettessero of strong stresses surrounding the implant.


Also the chains of transmission of motion between the motor and the bell have been completely replaced.

Work performed in accordance with safety regulations and impiagati materials.