extraordinary maintenance intervention

Parish of St. Pius X, Bergamo (BG), June / July 2015


On the bell tower there are n. 8 bells, by the following features:

I ° Bell diameter cm 90, 410 kg weight

II Campana 80 cm diameter, weight 295 kg

Campana III 71,5 cm diameter, weight 205 kg

IV Bell diameter cm 67, 170 kg weight

V ° Bell diameter cm 60, 120 kg weight

VI Bell diameter cm 53, 85 kg weight

VII Bell diameter cm 47, 60 kg weight

VIII Bell diameter cm 45, 50 kg weight



Mechanics: The restoration work began with the lowering, using a special crane, the eight bells.

Four of the lower bells (IV, V, VI and VIII) presented themselves very unstable in the isolator component, with a significant risk of integrity and security.

For this reason, it is proceeded with the replacement of the four isolators, in order to ensure the integrity and safety of these bells.


Once arrived at our Company the bells presented themselves completely dirty and covered with pigeon guano, it then proceeded to clean them by gentle blasting, non-invasive treatment.


power: the handling system installed did not appear pursuant to the materials and construction. For this reason it was decided to replace the same with innovative products RCTouchBell, handling plant for more advanced bells in the world, able to reduce consumption and improve performance by ensuring protection from electrical phenomena and power surges. Product we produce.

Ensuring the functionality of the new plant with electrical accessories connected to him, it was decided to completely overhaul the corresponding eight engines to ensure that they were compatible with the new installed electric panels.


Work performed in accordance with safety regulations and impiagati materials.