Clean the bells means, as well as bring them back to an aesthetically pleasing condition, give them years of life by removing the possibility of the onset of the Bronze cancers.Read More

Over the years all the cleaning operations of the bells have been entrusted to aggressive sanding with metallic materials, quartz sand or procedures based on the application of acidic substances. The results were unpleasant color bells and a total lack of respect of the same bells and their history.

Thanks to the company Rubagotti Carlo Srl and its ongoing commitment to developing new products and solutions, in full agreement with the supervision, yes it could have used a methodology so far operated only on bronze monuments, based on sanding machines with at low pressure and inert and natural abrasives.

The cleaning of the bells can be done directly to the towers without the need of disassembly of the same bells, guaranteeing an outstanding achievement and non-invasive.