RCTouchBell, it is the programmer touch screen for bells most advanced in the world. Designed as a control interface for bells is now the most advanced and complete system for automation of the Church.


Imagine a touch screen where all operations for automating bells are conducted in absolute simplicity and completeness, where everything can be operated manually by the sacristan with a simple touch, or be programmed for a total automatic management without time limits and situations. Imagine that the same center can control the operation of heating, lighting, opening windows, sound system, and yet everything posssa be operated remotely by a radio-command, via your PC on your desk or your iPhone ...

RCTouchBell been imagining, a complete and versatile system suitable for every need that will help you optimize, time, cost and space.

And if you do not have the bells not a problem! RCTouchBell faithfully reproduces the sound of the best and most tuned bells in the world, no one will ever understand if you have purchased new bells or a playback system!

With RCTouchBell you can control:tast

  • bells
  • carillon
  • Watches
  • Simulator Bells
  • Liturgical animator
  • External Audio
  • Internal Audio
  • boilers
  • Luci
  • Aperture
  • Alarms
  • Solar panels



Ambrosiane. Bergamo. Momentum. Veronese. Emilian. Middle momentum. Carillon. Sound hours.

RCTouchBell automates every sound system, with a perfect reproduction of the original move to rope. Each bell can be calibrated, adjusted and assisted in the individual movements allowing even varying the speed of the bell itself *, thus obtaining the perfect execution of concerts, peals, chimes and expanses. The logarithm owner that analyzes and calculates the movements of the bells, as well as allowing the perfect reproduction of a manual system, optimizes the drive engine and the brakes so as to decrease the power consumption and the stresses transmitted to the bell and the support structures to support of the bells themselves.

Play and program the bells has never been easier.

RCTouchBell is designed to be simple, intuitive, fully usable with no instruction manual. L 'experience Rubagotti Carlo (from 1962 in bells and clocks), the ductility of the touchscreen technology and the expertise of our technicians have resulted in an incredibly intuitive, easy and quick. RCTouchBell is far from programmers to bells that require codes and Metten condition the parish priest and Sagrestani to constant demands intervention by the installation companies, for editing programs.

Simple and complete as an agenda

Programming is one of the strengths of RCTouchBell. A calendar accompanies us and helps: to push the date the entire planned program appears showing the time and played to perform, then we can erase the sound of a Mass at a touch, or insert a new one just as easily. Programming can be performed in the following manner or with combinations at will between them: - Daily - Weekly - A date - Monthly - A period Liturgical - A Holiday - A day type - Special






Page Standby or automatic operation:

RCTouchBell displays the time, day, date and full of the Holy today; as well as all programming of the day, c


will be canceled at the end of their execution.

In this screen with a quick glance we control the overall situation, all scheduled events, any event excluded (shown in red) such a Mass canceled and all peripherals controlled, such as the 'switch on the lights or the boiler (also displayed in different color for a greater and more immediate understanding).

A simple touch on the screen will display the keypad for entering the access code.


Front page or Home:


RCTouchBell shows us all its completeness and simplicity, with a direct page 9 buttons for immediate start of play maggiormenteutilizzate and access to all libraries available.

This page also the sacristan older is simplicity and clarity that enable the immediate sound of the bells for all functions not programmed, such as funerals or alarms. All types of played albeit complex will be available at a touch, as well as the exclusion and inclusion of programmed sounds and the sound of the hour, of inspiration "telephone" we put our system bell in silence with a simple touch, even here the graphics and colors will not let us doubt about the choice ...

Libraries positioned on the bottom of the screen provide us with all the songs pre-recorded and ready to sound.


Page manual sound:

RCTouchBell proves to complete even the most demanding of the bell!hammers

All the bells are available to play in concert and sweep, all the doors are ready to sound for the creation of melodies! One touch and it's like being on the bell tower, all versions can be recorded and placed in the library, to be played and programmed to infinity.

For performers more careful is available to the external MIDI keyboard.

Libraries positioned on the bottom of the screen provide us with all the songs pre-recorded and ready to sound.

In this section, special attention is paid to safety, with automatic blocking of the reactivation of the bells in motion.

Programming page:

RCTouchBell and its flagship.programOn this page you can program in a fully guided every Mass, every occasion and every holiday! And 'possible to access programming with different levels from simple daily programming, to more complex programming periods, the Easters are calculated automatically, and so all the festivities connected with it, is completely available to the liturgical calendar and the solar calendar. If you know the potential of Outlook you can get an idea of ​​what you can do RCTuochBell but not all ....

The calendar on the right touch of the day shows automatically program the same day, with the possibility of change, may start or change the schedule.

The help of days type allows so fast replacing a complete programming over a whole day ...

Immediate viewing of all days and the total absence of code gives you a clarity never had on programmers for bells.


Auxiliary page:

RCTouchBell and home automation ...listOn this page you can operate any device attached, such as heating or the lights of the Church, imagine the convenience of being able to arrive at the hour of the Church function and find the heating on, the Church and lit the microphones turned on!

The only limit is your imagination, we can connect up to 12 external devices and operate them manually or schedule independently, visual feedback and the simplicity of the equipment touchscreen once again give us the simplicity and directness.