Montella OKApril 2017 - Commissioned by the Sanctuary of Ss. Salvatore in Montella (AV), with approval from the Ministry of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Fine Arts for the provinces of Avellino and Salerno, as well as favorable opinion of Mons. Gambalonga, Director of ' Cultural heritage Office for the Diocese of S. Angelo dei Lombardi, Conza, Nusco and Bisaccia (AV), we are being carried out works for the repair of the aforementioned Sanctuary bell (bell diameter mm 1440, 2000 kg weight, known SI year 1849).

The bell was transported up to our workshop of Cologne (BS) and immediately subjected to special welding intervention for bells, specifically we intervened on the handles of the same, which showed various breakages, cracks and detachments, to the detriment of the sound and security.

The welding for the reconstruction of the upper crown (handle) is performed with first quality bronze, by means of hot-melt adhesives with template to lose and subsequent manual finishing.

In addition to the reconstruction of the handles it will also reshaped the wooden stump of the bell, providing it with new support ferramente, also complemented by new pins, plates and bearings.

Finally the clapper will be completely overhauled and brought to life with handmade reforging in forge.

The installation of the bell took place Sunday 14 May 2017, between the warmth of the faithful and the many visitors who made this day unforgettable and this bell return.