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The repair of the bells is a technique now almost deserted, but for us it is very important for the preservation of musical heritage, artistic and sacred bell itself, as well as economic.

The techniques of repairing the bells are varied and very delicate: switching from drilling to the reconstruction of the handles above or braids, for welding cracks.

All these techniques are important and historic heritage handed down in our Company.


After many years when, in the environment related to the Bells welding processes for repair of the same were mostly carried out by foreign companies, we can say that, after many efforts, studies and thanks to the trust of some parish priests, we believe satisfied with the welding operations performed on bells broken or cracked.

A welding over the note and tone of the bell is fully restored, with a musical result perfectly successful.

The operations essential that our Company provides in the process of repair of a bell by means of welding are the following:

1. Lowering of the bell and transport at our company. We realized, in fact, that to ensure the success of the process is appropriate that the operations are carried out within our Company, as the atmospheric phenomena could affect significantly processing performed on the spot.

2. Removal of the clapper.

3. Identification of the period of rupture.

4. Complete removal of the crack by mechanical manuals.

5. Examination of possible extensions of breakage.

6. Cleaning the interested party.

7. Preheating to be carried out with special oven at temperatures varying with temperature is reached processing through software adjustment.

8. Welding with proprietary technique.

9. Cooling phase of the bell by means of dedicated software for the analysis of the temperatures of the bell.

10. Grinding of the outer section of the bell until the welding performed within the same.

11. Grinding finish.

12. Check penetrant.

13. Cleaning the bell by blasting sweet.

14. Raising the bell fixed on the bell tower.

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