Narrating the history of this company has an old flavor ... the taste of a life ... a life dedicated to the bells ...

Rubagotti Carlo is Rubagotti Bells.

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Ran the distant year 1962, when a kid-willed through the door of the ancient and extinct Bell Foundry Filippi, one of the oldest foundries factories automation for bells and clocks, here from old masters learned little known art The Art of the Bells.

After electrified and placed thousands of bells, the closing down of Philippi, began a new adventure, an adventure full of pride and professionalism, hard work and success, an adventure for a young man of that time was a big step, Rubagotti Charles opened his company of bells and clocks.

In a short time, thanks to its seriousness and was known throughout North Italy, realizing and electrifying concerts of great prestige and quality.

Charles over the years has shown great foresight and a huge opening technology, investing heavily in the construction of programmers, electronic boards and software suitable for the handling and protection of bells and clocks.

In 2006 Carlo wanted to give the job of a lifetime to their children James and Luke, who flanked him for years within the company, thus creating a pattern of inheritance that is his pride and pleasure.

At present, James and Luke helped by valuable collaborators and always assisted by his father are undoubtedly repositories of art by many and forgotten by a few passed, their passion and will power transmitted through the father meant that in recent years the reality of their work has been appreciated not only in Italy also abroad.

The great passion for the art of the Bells has meant that the company now stand, as well as the ability to create new structures and bell concerts, also specialization in making restoration complete, for Bells, bundles and watches, performing in recent years both historical recoveries on metal structures that wood.